First Floor Club

We wanted to raise the bar for Exeter nightlife by putting a stop to typical club nights and start throwing big parties every night instead. So, if you’re heading out tonight, why not check out one of the only clubs in Exeter that’s all about bringing you great music?

The Terrace’s First Floor is a space where you can let loose and escape from life’s little stresses, knowing you’re among like-minded people who just want to party and revel in good music too. Whether you want to drink, dance, or simply relax with friends in one of our booths, we’re offering a new generation of partygoers in Exeter nightlife that’s unrivalled elsewhere in the city. We’re talking about nights we can be proud of: both regular and one-off events you’ll never forget.

The very best live music acts and DJs

Of all the clubs in Exeter, we feature some of the very best live music acts and DJs – from local talent to big names on the UK music scene. We’ll be shaking things up night-on-night with a dynamite mix of old school classics, hip-hop, house and more. You can also expect a range of events to run throughout the week. Think weekly salsa to hot things up and regular 80’s nights (because we all get that itch to boogie to some funky disco beats from time to time). Whatever the event, we’ll be serving up the best music with lashings of good vibes and great drinks too.

Exeter nightlife has been crying out for a place like ours

If you’re looking for something a little different from the Exeter nightlife scene, we’ve got you covered. The Terrace is one of the only venues that hosts comedy clubs in Exeter. So we’ll be bringing you evenings of belly-aching laughter on a regular basis too, to brighten your mood.

We reckon Exeter nightlife has been crying out for a place like ours, and not many clubs in Exeter can compete. So keep an eye on our What’s On page to see the new line-up of great music and entertainment we’ll be showcasing each week.