Your Guide To Crawling Bars In Exeter City Centre


With its relatively small centre, Exeter is the perfect place for a bar crawl. What’s more, moving between the vibrant bars in Exeter city centre is a great way to discover the city’s alternative nightlife scene. If you’re not sure of the best route to follow, here’s our guide to the ultimate bar crawl in Exeter.

Begin your night at the cool, calm and low-key wine bar, Artigiano. Conveniently located at the top end of the High Street, this is one of the most chilled out bars in Exeter city centre and the perfect starting point to meet up with friends and get going with a couple of casual drinks. In addition to their killer selection of handpicked craft beer and fine wines, you can also grab a bite to eat. Think pizza, tapas and other tasty little bites of goodness.

Chances are, Artigiano will have some awesome live music kicking off but it’s time to step it up a notch. Remember, Artigiano has great live music throughout the week so go on, move on, your next stop is just around the corner. Give up your table to those hopefuls hanging around the bar and grab the password from The Book Cover’s Facebook page to gain entry to this unique 1920s speakeasy bar located on Longbrook Street. Here, you can indulge in a couple of knockout cocktails and a spot of lindy hop to warm up your dancing feet.

You’re having a swinging time at The Book Cover, we’re sure, but the clock is ticking and this is a bar crawl after all. Next on our list of bars in Exeter city centre is The Terrace Rooftop Bar. Of course, we were always going to send you our way but with our rooftop location, outdoor feature bar and resident DJs, where else would you want to be at this time of night? 

We’re guessing that you’re a few drinks deep by now so you’ll be happy to hear that the final stop on your bar crawl isn’t too far off. Simply head down to stairs to The Terrace’s First Floor Club to end your night in style.

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